Export – Import Documentation
The Documentation required for Customs, Central Excise, DGFT, RBI & Banks has to be incorporated in the Software.

Merging intelligence with Exports/Imports
Management of export/import business is tremendously elaborate task that requires a dedicated and a carefully designed system for controlling and absorbing various requirement. To revolutionize the management of your exports business, We at Intraweb Solutions present EximIntraSoft. As this is a web application we know the Security of that and information, we have taken care at every stage and given permission and IP address tracker so that the user cannot open the software from any place. Also maintaining the history of every user and at any point admin can block any user down the line.

This exceptionally flexible product effectively manages your business right from the Inquiry stage to Payment realization stage. The facility of generating various MIS Reports keeps you in control of the organization’s performance. It can be easily integrated with most of the popular accounting software's by export and import of data.

Licence and Document Management

Our Software systemizes the management of licenses and documents, catering to every minutest of detail involved in the procedures of export. It takes care of online applications, license details against export invoices, duty drawbacks claim against exports Invoices and prints various documents such as Invoice, Packing list, Shipping bill, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Commercial Packing List, Bank Realization Certificate, Bills of Exchange and so on in standard formats.


EximIntrasoft is an exceptionally flexible product that effectively manages your business right from the Inquiry stage to Payment realization stage. It can be easily integrated with Tally accounting software by export and import of data. Its unique features like LC expiry alarming, faxing and emailing of documents, messaging and chatting through LAN network have proven extremely useful to organizations.
Following is a list of its significant features:
Manages Export from Inquiry Received to Payment Realized
Provides data entry screens that look similar to the actual documents
Provides user defined Reports
Provides user defined Packing List
State of the art and user friendly interface format
Facility of e-mailing and faxing of documents
Creates item master with images of the item
Creates user defined letters
Enables export of data to Tally Accounting Software
Provides checklist of documents required
DEPB / DFRC / DEEC / DRBK License and Incentive management under one roof

List of software's : Full ERP Software / Production and Job Work / Accounting Software / Inventory Software / Accounts with Inventory + Barcode Software / Hr & Payroll Software / CRM Software / Export & Import Software ..can be customized according to the client requirement and budget..

  Pre Shipment Documents :-  
  • Cost Sheet
  • Order Acceptance
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Invoice
  • Packing lists (5 types)
  • Special customs Invoice
  • Drafts bill of Lading
  • Form SDF
  • Certificate of Origin (7 Chambers)
  • GSP Certificate
  • Marine Insurance Declaration
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Shipment Advice
  • Intimation for Inspection
  • Certificate for Inspection
  • Certificate of Health
  • Certificate of Analysis
  Post Shipment Documents :-  
  • Bank Invoice
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Commercial packing List
  • Bank Certificate – Horizontal format (Form No. 1)
  • Bank Certificate – Vertical Format (Form No. 1)
  • Letter to bank for Collection/Negotiation
  • Bills of Exchange
  • Cost Sheet
  Excise Documents :-  
  • AREI
  • Form C
  • Form CTI
  • Proof of exports

  EDI Shipping Bills :-  
  • Annexure A
  • Annexure B
  • Annexure C
  • Annexure D DEPB Declaration
  • DEPB / DEEC / DBK documents
  • - Appendix 10 A - DBK application
    - Appendix 10 B - Advance license application
    - Appendix 10 C - DEPB application
    - Appendix 10D - DFRC application

  Reports :-  
  • Export Register
  • Consignee wise Exports
  • Country wise Exports
  • Item wise Exports
  • Pending Order details
  • LC Register
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